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Massage By Bobbilee


Thank you so much for getting rid of the pain and lightheadedness that I was having. I can't begin to tell you how much it is to have it gone. It is so nice to have found someone that cares so much about relieving the pain instead of watching the clock. I'll be back to see you again! -Terri (My Mom)

        (This 1st comment is from my Mom. Before she wrote this comment I told her that I was going to put My Mom next to her name so it showed that I was proud to have a comment from her and I was Family oriented but she said she didn't want me to do that because it didn't sound professional at all. I figured I would do it anyway after she wrote the comment. When I read what she wrote I thought I should have known she would write it as if it came from somebody other than her so I couldn't put My Mom next to her name. She knew me well enough to write it like she did for that reason. And also knowing her she probably looked at my website every so often just to see if I ever changed it. Well she passed away in January of 2016 so guess what. I can do it now because she can't call me to Say I told you Not to do that. Lol! Love and Miss you A Lot Mom. <3 )

Bobbilee is the best massage therapist I have ever had. In just a few massage sessions, she relieved the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders that years of seeing chiropractors, physical therapists and even other massage therapists never did. And it isn’t just me. I tell everyone I know how Bobbilee has helped me, and everyone that has been to see her says the same thing. She knows what she is doing! She understands how every part of the body relates and connects to each other. That is the key. She knows how to treat the root of the problem, rather than just giving a “quick fix.” How do I even put into words how grateful I am to have no more constant pain? If you want to know what it’s like, make an appointment with Bobbilee today!

                                                                                                                           -Grateful Client

I m 68 years old and the cumulative effect of injuries incurred in auto accidents years ago now causes pain in my back, hips and legs and stiffness in my neck, and sleepless nights. Chiropractic treatments have helped, but these conditions always return! I sought relief from Massage By Bobbilee, and her massages are magic! Now, the pains are gone! I have great flexibility and mobility! I sleep like a baby! Thank you Bobbilee! 


As a Mountianeer and an ER Physician I get lots of stress in my daily life. Bobbilee does a

terrific Deep Tissue massage to relax these tight pains in my body. She is great.


 "I used to get horrible headaches weekly and ever since I started going to Bobbilee (which has been over a year), I only get a headache every other month, if that! She is a wonderful massage therapist who has helped me get rid of those aches and pains! I look forward to each session, knowing that I will leave healed and relaxed. Thank you Bobbilee!"                                    -Repeat Client

I've had the honor and pleasure to have regular treatments with Bobbilee for over two years. In my opinion the most important characteristic of a healthcare professional is their ability to listen to the patient's needs. Listening is one of Bobbilee's best qualities. She is experienced and well versed in many forms of massage therapy always being the avid pupil in the latest advances in her field. Despite my ongoing ability to overdo it and start over, Bobbilee has maintained a phenomenal patience and tolerance level in accepting my lifestyle and medical challenges. No matter how foolish I have been in not accepting the "new normal" as my DO puts it, Bobbilee keeps me mobile.

In addition, I do have to mention Bobbilee's commitment to help others is manifested by possessing the most competitive rates in the business. If it weren't for her financial assistance I would probably be using a walker or wheelchair. Bobbilee, Thank you for all you do for the community. I asked Bobbilee when I first met her why her rates were so inexpensive. Bobbilee replied with the economy such as it is she just wanted to help people who wouldn't otherwise be able to get help. Thank God for people like Bobbilee, who are still in the healthcare industry for the right reasons.


 Many Massage Therapists have a standard over all massage they are comfortable with and will spend little time on a problem you mention to them. Bobbilee is a true therapist. She will work to correct and relieve whatever issue you have and understand why you came for the massage. I have had back issues for years and her therapy to relieve tightness in my legs has resolved many of my back problems, allowing for normal athletic activities and better sleep.

                                                                                                                                                                       -A Client for Two years

Bobbilee is a great massage therapist who really listens to where you are having troubles and focuses the session accordingly. Since seeing Bobbilee regularly, I have not had to return to the doctor for my neck and back spasms. Her affordable rates have made that possible!

                                                                                                                                                                      -Occupational therapist